Industrial Warehouse Transformation

‘Somewhere’ is a new co-working space and photography studio in Mount Maunganui opened by pair of creative entrepreneurs working in the event and photography industries.

Given that the studio is inside an industrial warehouse with concrete walls and lofty high ceilings, the brief for our team was to soften the raw interior with large leafy green plants that would occupy some of the expansive space overhead. However, given the diverse activities taking place in the studio, floorspace was also an important aspect that needed to be considered.

The solution?  To “think vertical”.

For this installation we suggested wall mounted shelves made from plywood to bring warmth into the building. Black wall brackets were used with matching black lightweight planters for a sleek, contemporary look.

Colourful plants with cascading foliage hang from the shelves and the result is a vibrant but coordinated effect. For example, Rhapsalis Baccifera, Trandescantia Zebrina, Marble Queen Pothos, Cupid Peperomia, Philodendron Scandens, Chlorophytum comosum (spider plant) and Bridal Veil were used, bringing tones of lime green, dark green and purple (as seen in the image above).

The other innovative feature of the installation is a wooden frame that has been hung from the ceiling and is moved up and down via a pulley rope system when needed for watering purposes. Hanging planters are fixed to the wooden frame at random heights to create different visual layers. Again, a mixture of draping greenery has been used to create the effect of a beautiful hanging garden.

Lastly, a stunning large Kentia Palm in an oversized white pot sits on the ground to anchor the look, extending the green effect from the floor, right up to the ceiling.

Adding plants to this space has completely transformed it from an industrial blank canvas into a soulful and stimulating atmosphere that is perfectly placed for its occupants to work creative magic in.

There are an endless number of ways that greenery can be added to a space, but it doesn’t always have to be through potted floor standing plants or tabletop plants. Choosing the right plant scaping to suit the lighting and give aesthetic appeal requires creativity and expert plant knowledge which is where a professional hire plant company with a creative mindset is worth its absolute weight in gold!

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