How To Green Up Your Event

If you are someone that loves forest walks, hanging out in beautiful gardens and perusing plant shops in your weekends, then you will probably be thinking about how you can ‘green up’ your next event, whether it be a wedding, party or gala dinner. And that would be a smart move, as plant-life can completely transform and add soul to a space both easily and economically.

Plants not only make your event visually beautiful; they bring a natural feel and help to define the different spaces at your event.  Depending on the mood and atmosphere you are wanting to convey, many people choose to decorate their event space with either Magnolia, Olive or Palm Trees.

  • Magnolia trees are beautiful for weddings because of their dark green glossy leaves with soft brown undersides. Due to their dramatic foliage they are particularly stunning at autumn or winter events.
  • Olive trees are a favourite especially for summer events as they instantly bring a European feel. Their soft, elegant foliage will also work seamlessly with the other features in the area without dominating.
  • Or, for a Balinese or tropical feel you can decorate your space with multiple palm trees and other vibrant and lush green plants of different heights and textures in fresh white pots.

In terms of howto incorporate the above suggestions, here are some styling ideas:

Clusters of Plants to Define Areas – Clusters of plants in odd numbers of varying heights help to frame or compliment lounge furniture at cocktail hour. Or, place clusters of plants beside the beverage bar, or registry table at a wedding.

Plants defining the lounge area at this summer wedding. Image Credit: Newfound Photography

Hedging – This is an obvious one, bringing in plants to enclose or section off an area to stop your guests from meandering somewhere they shouldn’t be or to deter outsiders from entering!

Wedding Ceremony Décor – Olive trees for a European feel, or tropical plants as a ceremony backdrop (as featured in the image above).

Plants in the dining space – To enhance the dining space, small potted plants or garden troughs as centrepieces bring an organic feel. Or, if the venue is suitable, hanging plants above the dining tables looks incredible.

Entrance Way Plants – Two large statement plants either side of the entrance way to the marquee or dining hall.

We spoke to Alina Johnston, Managing Director of Wild and Whim to get her insight about using plants at the weddings that she styles:

“We love styling with natural elements and think that adding a touch of green to your wedding or event is definitely a positive. We like to incorporate different levels with our styling as well as following the odd number rule. If you are looking to keep things playful and interesting- try mixing various heights. This really helps break up the space and create a more in depth feel. We love the statement of an oversized plant or tree and then paired with smaller plants. This can also help with the awkward transitions between spaces or furniture.  Another big benefit of using potted plants at your event/wedding is that all your pretty greenery doesn’t end up in the trash a few days after the event. If you hire these items than that’s wonderful as the circle keeps on giving because the plants get reused.”

Here’s a few ideas for plants that we would love to see styled into weddings:

Small potted plants as place settings, using fresh herbs for that summer vibe! Choose subtle scents such as rosemary, lavender etc… Or, go big with some palms and really make a statement! Using potted plants can be less expensive than going crazy on all those flowers like peonies and roses. So, if you are looking for more volume without breaking your budget, then greenery is the way to go!”

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