About Us

Renee from The Green Room holding a potted cactus

The Green Room started in 2019 when founder Renee who was working in the horticulture industry as an Event Coordinator recognised a need for variety in the local hire plant industry. A lover of gardens and plants herself, it was an incredibly exciting thought to start a venture where both her passion and skills could be realised.

Soon after, it became evident that her services should extend to office hire and maintenance and Renee and her team feel incredibly lucky to be able to meet and form relationships with many people and businesses all across the Bay of Plenty, while nurturing plants which are such a gift and give so much back to us when they are cherished and cared for.

The Green Room prides itself on only using the best planters on the market for both event and office hire and has a special eye for selecting plants that are on-trend and will best enhance and uplift the spaces they inhabit.